ERP support for an organization, implementing a new ERP system is always a major consideration. Even with a mature, installed ERP, support is still critical throughout its lifecycle. In addition to the expected internal IT support, companies necessarily rely on support from the supplier for fixes, updates and enhancements and may also rely on other resources for other kinds of ERP support.

When planning your need for ERP support, staffing ratios and other rules of thumb might be helpful, but it really comes down to the amount of in-house support there is and how reliant you will be on outside support. An internal staff for ERP support may be easier to manage, as it will most likely be on-site. This, however, does mean expenses for training, overhead and sometimes even higher wages.

If it's support's it's got to be good.

We have staff of experts who know the particular ERP hosting and software in question and can provide technical support as well as data management support to a business. This is a preferred option for many companies, as it tends to be less expensive than hiring new employees and creating an entirely new department for their business. Issues may arise, however, from not having on-site staff or an intimate knowledge of all integral aspects in the business. Take full advantage of the support available from us.

Application Support

  • Major Upgrades
  • Service Packs and patches
  • Security Administration
  • Workflow Management
  • Data Archiving

Managed Services (Outsourcing)

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support
  • Minimized downtime
  • Allows the focus to be on running the business, and not the technology
  • Peace of mind from knowing that someone is taking care of problems